Phleet is our web-based platform for fleet management.

Phleet allows to provide a large and complete range of services such as: real time tracking, geofencing, driving style evaluation, fuel monitoring, maintenance management, fleet performance evaluation and etc.

The Problem

Fleet managers need to know their fleet position in real time everywhere and monitor its activities in order to analyse its performance. How to do that?

The Solution

We develop a web-based platform to let phleet managers get real-time location and status of all their assets on a unique dashboard, with fleet details, maintenance scheduling and settings.


Fleet management
Driving style monitoring
Maintenance management



Phleet will give your business a unique and modular tool, that no one else can offer. It combines web and mobile solutions to connect your workforce and provide them with the best and the most efficient work experience.

Supporting fleet management and monitoring, Phleet enables a more effective decision making process. Reports and statistics of your fleet activities are in your hands. We want to work closer to our customers to develop the best-fit tool for their business.



Designed specifically for both Android and iOS devices (tablets and smartphones), Phleet apps allow the communication between managers and drivers. Drivers will be aware of their vehicle status and daily working activities via their mobile device.

Phleet apps support communication through instant two-way messaging, improve efficiency with real time fleet management and keep drivers compliant with commercial navigation.

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