Loyalty App

Touchware in collaboration with Tekio proposes Loyalty to improve access to the new frontiers of the Retail omnichannel. Loyalty focuses on loyalty solutions to promote interaction between the brand and your customers in order to build a relationship that can create value for you and your customers.

The Problem

Would you like to interact with your customers? profile them? and recruit new ones?
The world is becoming digital and mobile.. so do your customers.

The Solution

We develop pre-packaged apps for your brand which allow you to easily interact with your costumers and offer them high value tool.


Virtual loyalty card
Push notification



We will help you to:
- Recognize and profile your current customers
- Direct your campaigns
- Recruit new customers
- Analyse your costumer interests
- Enhance your brand - Promote your Brand Strategy
- Integrate channels into a single ecosystem brand
- Create a custom loyalty program to boost store visits
- Automatically reward your more virtuous customers



Designed specifically for both Android and iOS devices (tablets and smartphones), Fidelity apps allow costumers to access your loyalty program and loyalty program cards from their mobile phones. No more plastic cards!
Any information they want about your stores, your product, available promotions and their points balance will be just there, in their mobile devices.
They will also have the possibility to shop online in easy, secure and intuitive way.