Touchware has created its app

myTouchware app is available on the stores

In the last year alone, Touchware has released about thirty apps: event apps, museum apps, FAD (distance education), retail apps and incentive and app initiatives for the pharma world.

Our apps are increasingly sophisticated, with a modern design, high performance and characterized by the use of the most innovative technologies. We have created many apps and satisfied many customers, as well as ourselves. So we said to ourselves: why not create our App?

An app to get to know each other, to see what we have done and how we work, an app to always have us in our pocket.

Thus was born myTouchware, the Touchware app, the software house that offers digital marketing solutions and accompanies companies in their digital transformation process. The app allows you to get to know the company more closely, its history, its team and its solutions.

Moreover, thanks to its social potential, Touchware can send constant updates to its users through push notifications, news and surveys.

myTouchware is available on Play Store and Apple Store. Below there are links to download the free app.