Digital looks to the east: Touchware Poland is born

The development of Touchware does not stop!

Touchware Poland, the Polish headquarters (Krakow is the location) is born, engaged in particular in production and software development.

Touchware, born in 2012, is a New Generation software house that offers digital marketing solutions, accompanying companies in their digital transformation process, particularly in what is called the last mile, filling the interaction gap with its end users.

An important investment, the one in Krakow, which has found humus and fertile soil to take root, in an increasingly performing and high level technological center.

An investment also intended to create local jobs.

“Touchware is establishing itself on the Italian market as a point of reference in the world of digital transformation and especially in the development of high quality mobile applications – says Michelangelo Chasseur, CEO of Touchware. Over the past year, we have almost doubled the number of employees and acquired important clients abroad. We try to distinguish ourselves from the competition for attention to detail, customer care and constant striving for innovation “.

Currently Touchware employs around 25 people in its various offices and has generated a turnover of over 1 million euros during 2017.

The company has also made investments for the in-house development of products and services under the Touchware brand to be resold on the market as ready-to-use solutions for event management, e-learning and logistics. The Touchware Business Plan envisages business growth both from the point of view of human resources and from the point of view of products in terms of quality and innovation, in order to move from an activity mainly based on services to third parties to a related activity. to the development and marketing of proprietary products.