Elearning Platform

Learning across multiple contexts, through social and content interactions, using personal electronic devices is now possible! Our platform alllows e-learning distance education on mobile device.
Professionals will be able to learn virtually anywhere at their time convenience whether or not a mobile signal is available.

The Problem

Professionals such as teachers, healthcare professionals need Continuing Professional Education (CPE). But they usually have no much time.

The Solution

We develop an e-learning platform both for web (LMS - learning management system) and mobile devices.


Compliant with SCORM standard, courses and tests can be taken directly from mobile devices while traveling and in offline mode.



It’s a complete solution bringing together in one product all management tools for Training CPE. The web platform allows our clients to autonomously manage the course content, uploading all the required materials (videos, pdfs, images) as well as creating and adding tests, managing accounts and users.

Our platform is compliant with SCORM standard, which is the collection of standards and specifications for web-based electronic educational technology.



Content distributed from the web platform is delivered to professionals for both online and offline access via native iOS and Android Apps for both smartphones and tablets. Using the Apps, professionals benefit from a simple and intuitive interface which allows them to take courses on the move with a first class user experience. Furthermore, the apps track time user spends in online and offline content consultation.

Content can include rich media (audio, video and pdf) and you will able to add rich tests and polls for the validation of course and teaching units.