Turns out that App world not only changed the way we do business
but also the way we think, socialize, and collaborate. Think of it as a new literacy.
And this is what Touchware caters: a new layer of literacy to your business.
With our skills and capabilities in providing you with the best possible solutions,
we create for your business a platform for change. Our core idea is to look ahead
to where App market will be in 3 months, or 6 months - or a year.
Being able to predict the direction in which technology is headed is essential for us.

I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been

Wayne Gretzky

National Hockey League

We think this quote from National Hockey League player Wayne Gretzky best summarizes the vision of our innovative start-up. The puck is never at our feet: indeed Touchware envisions and delivers what most players in the market will be able to cater only a tomorrow.


Touchware sta ricercando giovani laureati per la creazione e lo sviluppo di unità di ricerca. View more

EventUp, the keystone for Event Agencies. The most powerful information management and networking tool for events is now in the market. View more

Touchware Talks, coming soon an interview with Touchware CTO Michelangelo Chasseur. Stay tuned, you’ll be gobsmacked!

Touchware has partnered with MongoDB. First in class NoSQL database powers the backend of Touchware's mobile apps. View more

Where we are skating to…

We are out there to take action, to study your industry and market, to try new things while implementing your plans. Your company will benefit from the creation of incredibly rich and robust end user experiences that will empower your activities, using very specialized technical resources. We follow an agile approach to design and development, involving the customer during the production process. We enforce our vision exerting leverage on our technical knowledge in modern technologies both server side (Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Socket.IO, MongoDB, Redis, etc.) and client side (Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, Java, Android NDK etc.).

…the new puck of organizational change.

Non-conventional views drive to product leadership. We help our clients fulfill their needs leveraging both our technical and organizational expertise. A successful project is always the output of a smart combination of varied ingredients: that's why we partner and collaborate with professionals with ready answers delivered in the fast track. We cover a wide spectrum of fields, ranging from marketing and communication to consultancy in specialized sectors such as healthcare and pharma. Contact us to check what we can do for you, we're sure you'll enjoy the skate!

The Team


Michelangelo Chasseur

CTO and founder


Michelangelo oversees the whole production process, taking clients hand in hand from the project phase thru acceptance tests on the final product. He is also lead iOS developer.


Alberto Porro

Business Development Manager


Alberto has been a marketing and communication professional for major companies in the publishing industry for over a decade. He is now helping Touchware grow and find its potential with great insight and understading of the market.


Alex Vallet

iOS Developer


Alex is a mechatronics engineer passionate with everything related to electronics. He recently discovered a new interest in developing software. He now enjoys creating great iOS experiences.


Andrea Campolonghi

Senior Backend Developer


Software developer, passionate open source supporter, technology enthusiast, freelance software architect with more than 10 years of experience in IT industry, ruby on rails hacker, runner and triathlete. Working mainly with ruby on rails and related ruby technologies. Proud member of the Railo Team (open source ColdFusion engine).


Antonio D'Isanto

Backend Lead


Antonio is the API guy. He helps running operations smoothly and developing awesome Ruby on Rails applications tailored to our customers' needs. He also takes care of our gaming experiments.


Giulia Stacchino

Legal Counsel


Giulia is Touchware’s legal advisor. She’s responsible for contracts and legal consultancy and she makes sure that our decision making and behaviors always follow the best ethical choices. Professional integrity and a responsible code of conduct are her mission and the cornerstone of how we do business at Touchware.


Jacopo Bassan



Jacopo is a visual designer who loves making things easy to use and a delight for the eyes. Living his life one pixel at a time he will bring you unique and modern user interfaces.


Jean Raphaël Bordet



JR started working as a freelance developer, but now is constantly improving himself in Touchware, where he met wonderful people with the same passion for developing awesome applications both on server and mobile side.

Our Partners

These are some of the organizations we have partnered with to accelerate the spread of ideas, encourage internal
dialogue, and advance the industries they influence.

Certified Solutions Provider For

Touchware is hiring!

We are one of the fastest growing Italian startups. With offices in Aosta, Milan, and Turin, we’ve assembled a team of hard-working, dynamic, and friendly employees committed to a goal of becoming one of Europe’s leading brands in the mobile space. We are always looking for new talents, both in technical and artistic fields.

Why we're cool:

  • We’re a startup — we move very quickly and your opinions are demanded.
  • We’re very capable, so you’ll be in good company.
  • For students, positions require working part-time during school and full-time during summer.
  • To apply just send an email with a PDF of your resume and a cover letter to jobs@touchwa.re